I See You Everywhere

This is purposely vague, but I need to put it out there.
I thought it was only a crush but I guess its something more.
Even if I want to or not it seems like I see you everywhere.
I see you in hallways, in dining halls, and even in the clouds.
I wonder if you see me too…

– Anon


11 thoughts on “I See You Everywhere

  1. There was a similar FML post a few weeks ago. Same author? It seemed then that you were trying to get over her. Long standing crush? I crush hard too. Hope it works out for you, but you’re probably going to have to be a little less vague if you really want to know if she sees you too. Good Luck!

  2. In the spirit of valentine’s day, I would suggest maybe being more forward in your next interactions. (someone has got to do it!) Who know what may come of it!

    Good luck!

  3. First year, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, or Other (faculty (professor, coach, administrative), post bac, graduate, from another college,exchange student, etc)?

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