Swiss Miss

Since the day I met you, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to ignore you.
Your adorable accent, the way you eat bananas, your music…
When you play your music, I’m at ease, somehow. It is beautiful.
I wanted to at least be your friend, but we hardly see each other, and now, I think you’re involved with someone…
It sort of breaks my heart. But can’t we just be friends? I want to get to know you.
One day last semester, you sat behind me on the bus. You were saying to your friend that you were disappointed with East-Siders, that we were too self-centered to be friendly. Is that true for me, too?
I’m afraid that there’s no room for me in your world. You are so happy. You are so lovely. You have such caring friends.
Even if I can’t be with you, I hope you have a wonderful time here.
Love, a frustrated, friendless, first-year floormate.


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