You bring the sunrise to my eyes

I’m sittin’ here thinking about you
Still can’t understand this attraction
It takes more than an effort
To stay away from you
Though the strange part is
I barely know you
You won’t give me a chance
But whatever it takes, I’ll find it
To be with you for a while
God, baby, it takes someone special
To catch my attention
For I’m known as a player
But I don’t go for hookups
I play games, it’s how I live
I realized the other day however,
You’re nobody until somebody cares
I may be queen, but I am not happy
It’s easy to find people
But not people who care about you
At this moment, I’m wishing to share
My love of art with you
My love of reading and greek myths
My love of the idea of falling in love
I want to learn so much from you
You’re always on my mind
Wondering where you, what you’re doing
Thinking of things that will make you laugh
‘Cause when you smile, heavens open
The world around me pauses for that instant
I touched hands with someone special
Someone seriously beautiful
I wonder why I have lonely nights
When you’re right there in front of me
If you’d say yes, I’d fall on my knees
I’d hold you close to me
If we do get together
We should get jerseys
‘Cause I think we would make a good team
We can show the world
What it really means to love
What crazy love looks like
I’m telling lies to myself
Tell myself that I don’t see you
That I don’t want you
But as I said, it takes more than effort
My passion is you, girl
A beauty like you


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