I heard you

I was the one in the other stall in the pom second floor alley bathroom wednesday night, who had to hear your enormously obnoxious and offensive conversation while waiting for you guys to leave because I have poo anxiety. First of all, retard isn’t a word people use anymore. Second, you are not entitled to a gay best friend. He’s probably ignoring you because you can’t relate to his life; the way you talked about him reeked with the privilege of someone who thinks that gay people are just there to be your “gbff”, and who thinks that all they think about all day is finding other gays to bone. I can’t even find words to express politely how vapid you two sounded. Grow up, check your privilege, and turn into the kind of person someone queer might feel comfortable hanging out with. I sure wouldn’t.

a “gay”


12 thoughts on “I heard you

  1. Is that really the most exciting thing that happened on your Wednesday night? If so I feel bad for you. Next time, don’t passive aggressively post your anger on a public forum, instead, confront us in person, you cowardly bitch.

    • I never get involved in these things. Ever. But I wanted you to know, I’m judging your immaturity, your ignorance and your hatefulness. Passive aggressively and cowardishly.

    • Hah, yes, because posting your name publicly and calling someone a bitch makes you much more mature. I’m sure you feel nice and powerful now. Does that make up for your embarrassment?

  2. you need to mind your own business. if you knew the real reasons he was ignoring her, you’d have a different perspective. its out of concern for his safety, and thank god he is safe, which she found out this morning when he texted her back. you are a straight up bitch and next time you are shitting, try and push a little harder… maybe that will get that stick out of there.

    otherwise, go into one of single bathrooms. there, you will never again need to listen to “obnoxious” conversations. I think you and your stick would find lots of happiness in one of those.

    • Honestly, with the way you guys are responding to this post, I am not surprised that the OP was offended. I grant you that she doesn’t know the context of your conversation, but the immediate response of insults and defensiveness is not making me give you the benefit of the doubt.

  3. isnt this a place where we post about our crushes? not our complaints… take it elsewhere. this entire thing is so stupid. if you want to rant about a conversation you heard, go to the stone center.

  4. This post has been deleted because of the further use of commenter’s name ( she has requested it be removed). This is a public forum not directly affiliated with the school. Honor Code proceedings need not be involved. Let’s not blow things out of proportion. However, if this commenter would like to repost without the original commenter’s name, please do so.

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