Bates Dining Hall

Hey, I heard your friends harping on you about your upcoming STD/ STI results.  They seemed to be taking a very militant tone in voicing their opinions and I just want you to know that what’s done is done, and whatever mistakes were made are not as important as your current well-being.  Being a Wellesley Woman/ Person means that you are a fierce and remarkably intelligent person.  Don’t let anyone ever make you feel any less than that (even if they are those you are closest to).  I would have given you a real hug but you walk really fast, so I’m sending you a virtual one.  

Good Luck and Be Safe,
A concerned Wendy


4 thoughts on “Bates Dining Hall

  1. As someone who has also had to deal with STI testing and being scared shitless, I completely agree. We all make mistakes, don’t think it makes you any less of a person.

  2. This is sweet, and I’m sure that my friend appreciates it. However, there is a story behind it that is much more than we probably let on in the dining hall – after all, it is the dining hall. I personally don’t like to encourage my friends to continue to have unprotected sex with men who she refuses to acknowledge have STDs (and instead blame her about it), but you’re right. We shouldn’t harp on her about it. Next time we’ll try to be nicer about it and just encourage her do what she wants. After all, we all make mistakes, right? 🙂

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