I Know You Like The Way My Nose Moves When I Talk!

Title: I Know You Like The Way My Nose Moves When I Talk!

I saw you Hot Asian girl…no…WOMAN with the rubber duck fetish who wears leather jackets and leans against walls all the time like a BAMF! Oh how I wish to be one of those rubber ducks in your tub- especially once all the bubbles disappear! 😉

The only way I can describe the feeling I get when I gaze into your beautiful face would be the feeling one might get if they observed a rare white unicorn fart a rainbow….no wait…. double rainbow… and then if one followed that rainbow to the other side only to discover a rare pot of gold that was melded by none other than the Greek God Hephaestus himself. And on top of that gold you find an angel holding the cure for cancer sitting inside a green Lamborghini Gallardo with Adriana Lima in a string bikini on the hood covered in hot oil eating a cheeseburger. And behind Adriana with a pair of tickets to that thing you like is the Old Spice Man on a rowboat with Steven Hawking wearing a tuxedo beside him- BUT NOT ONLY CAN STEVE WALK BUT HE CAN DANCE! He then dances over to Adriana- and when she finishes her cheeseburger she whispers Victoria’s big secret in his ear which ironically is the meaning of life and the universe – which is too much for even Steve’s brain to handle and it explodes into the second big bang. Which after years of expanding finally cools to create a world so deep and exquisite one could only name it after you- because baby…wait for it…wait for it…YOU ARE MY WORLD!!!

From: Girl with the big ass nose!


3 thoughts on “I Know You Like The Way My Nose Moves When I Talk!

  1. HAHAHA! Oh you people with your negative comments. Why don’t you do us all a favor and pull the sticks out of your asses and go get a sense of humor! 😀

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