To the girl crying in the shower

To the girl crying in the shower in the TCW 5th floor bathroom,
I am so sorry for whatever you are going through, and although I don’t
know the cause of your pain I empathize with you. Please know that
there are people here at Wellesley, like myself, who care about you.
Both our RA and RD are very kind and understanding, and I know that if
you need someone to talk to they would be happy to lend an ear.

– A concerned and sympathetic hall-mate


One thought on “To the girl crying in the shower

  1. There is a good chance that this post is about me. Thank you to my hall-mate–I’m so touched by your concern! I am generally a happy person and hardly make a regular practice out of bawling in the shower, but the other night I had just parted ways with someone who has meant a great deal to me during my time a Wellesley and, at that particular moment, I was overcome with realization of my imminent graduation. I wasn’t feeling sad insomuch as I was experiencing a powerful confluence of emotions–happiness for the wonderful things that have been, sadness for what has drawn to an end, and excited anticipation for what is now to come–that, when it suddenly converged on and gripped me during the normally banal activity of shampooing my hair, happened to take as its form an act of involuntary crying. My emotional equilibrium seems to have been restored for the time being and I doubt that you’ll hear me burst into tears in the shower again anytime soon. Take care and good luck with finals! 🙂

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