comin down now, we all need forgiveness

Dear an old friend,

To my surprise, you fell for me at the beginning of this year, and your heart ended up broken. I didn’t want things to happen that way but everything was out of my control.  Now that I’ve finally been able to come to terms with everything, I realize that I can’t not have you in my life.  Please break the silent treatment that you’re giving me and allow me back into your life.  I miss you.  I hope you see this and understand that I never wanted to hurt you.  I hope to hear from you soon.
Wishing I could say this to you in person,
someone who misses you more than you think

11 thoughts on “comin down now, we all need forgiveness

  1. Sad… I hope things work out. Sometimes we break people’s hearts even when it’s the last thing we wanted to do.

  2. You can say this in person. You probably should. It may not work out the way you want, but if they do mean that much to you it’s worth trying. Posting here isn’t going to cut it, you know?

  3. As someone who just finished inadvertently breaking a friend’s heart, My advice is this. Not wanting to hurt someone doesn’t mean you don’t legitimately hurt them. Sometimes that has forever-consequences for the relationship, and unfortunately it’s impossible to expect the other person to smooth it over and make it comfortable for you. This person who you “can’t not have” in your life might just as actively not be able to have you in theirs right now. It sucks and it feels squirmy and awful, but if you care about this person, you owe it to them to respect where they’re at. If you really need to say something to them, if you need to apologize for how things turned out and express how much you miss them, then have some integrity, do it in person, and accept that the result might not be optimal for you. It takes guts, but if I can do it, then you certainly can : )

    • For real, please tell them in person. For your and for my sake too, so that I can know if tis is directed at me.

    • As someone who just had their heart broken by a friend, I appreciate everything you just said. I totally need to have that person in my life more, but I can’t right now.

    • true dat. even an email is better because then she doesn’t have to stress out over whether or not the OP is you. sounds like you owe her the basic courtesy of not doing things that stress her out and make her obsess over you when she might not want to.

  4. I completely agree that I should tell her in person. But the reason I can’t/haven’t been able to is because she had been refusing to talk to me, and I don’t want to invade her space by saying something like this while I am not welcome in her life. It’s as simple as that. That’s the only reason that I posted this here – out of hope that she would see it and be ready to talk to me again. I found that to be the most courteous thing to do, but I could be wrong.
    Also, I purposely titled the post so that the person this is directed at would understand that it is for her. I apologize if I caused anyone else to stress over it.

  5. Hope that you didn’t do anything too terrible to be unforgivable for that person. Friends are all some people have, so betrayal runs deep. Good luck, and I hope that either they can forgive you or you can understand the kind of pain you have caused them.

  6. I’ve missed you too.

    Please don’t break my heart again, you already know it’s been yours from the start.

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