To my unknown love. (By M.M.K)

To my unknown love,

I’m sure I’ve seen you, I just haven’t met you yet. Or maybe we’ve met and we just don’t know it. I know you, (forgive my arrogance, and forgive my presumption) you are looking for someone too: someone to adore you, to sweep you off your feet, and treat you like a lady/gentleman/fantastic human being. May I be so forward as to offer the following: If you like walks around the lake, being outside in the rain, rolling down hills, and are not afraid to imagine that we are connected to everything at an atomic level; if you prefer margaritas to pina coladas, and bare feet to shod ones, know that you are awesome and fabulous and loved.

“And even though I may never see you, may never hold you or know you, I love you.” You, just as you are, and just as you are not. Perfect and beautiful. This is for all of you. Remember that I’m here for you, whenever.



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