Hot Spot

I saw you last week. I don’t really know you, but I would like to.

When you left the common room that day, you took with you the breath of everyone else in that room. Maybe it was your long curly hair, or your leather jacket, or the way your long necklace dangled when you reached for some late night snacks. Perhaps plain and simple, it was just you–the way you talked and the way your presence filled the room. Which way do you swing?

Someone Down The Hall


5 thoughts on “Hot Spot

  1. I agree she is so graceful. Her eyes are lillies are her hair is like the pond filled with creatures leaping with life. Her edgyness awakens the dawn as i go jogging in the morning i can feel the cool crisp air stab at like, just like her eyes pierce through my soul. Oh how i wish you and your beauty would just look at me, just once, for I cannot, I cannot bear your seduction anymore. XOXO Love you girl

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