A path not taken

Dear ****,

I am writing to say that I can no longer be around you. For three years you have kept my secret (or I assume you have), that I loved you even though you professed not to swing that way.

I tried to distance myself as best I could, but we are so alike, and circumstances kept drawing us together. Your life has always reminded me of a path not taken in mine. We travel in the same circle, and fate even once brought me to your home (an experience that was frighteningly close that I have been trying to purge from memory ever since). When you began a relationship with another woman almost two years ago, the hurt was deep. I don’t think our friendship ever stood a chance of recovery. These days, encountering your presence is like having a wrecking ball smash my composure for the week.

You can have the friend group. My feelings have grown so bitter, and my desire to dissociate so compelling, that I cede them to you unequivocally. It saddens me to lose such good friends, but you and your strong personality are invariably enmeshed in every part of the group dynamic. You are inescapable so long as I keep them close. I have new things in my life now, and I need to move on. Last night I came because of an obligation to a friend. But I foresee only one other time this year when I might face a similar problem and have to see you again.

This is just to say farewell, my dear. I write to you publicly so that you may never know it was me. May our paths never cross again. Have a good life.

A wounded creature


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